Physical and Mental Health: Local, National, and International Initiatives

    • Providing funding for the St Clare Health Mission Clinic in Sparta, a volunteer-run community clinic providing free or sliding scale services to families and individuals without insurance.


    • Providing scholarship assistance to the Saint Paul’s Center for Hope and Healing for mental health counseling for those with financial need. St. Paul’s Center for Hope and Healing (CHH) is a non-profit community-centered counseling and human services organization designed to provide psychological, physical, and spiritual support to any individual in need. As an outreach ministry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cary, North Carolina, St. Paul’s Center for Hope and Healing is dedicated to offering persons of all backgrounds and beliefs support, counsel, and education in finding new ways of viewing themselves, others, and the world around them. CHH strives to enhance the life of each individual who walks through its doors by offering programs and services to enhance the psychological, physical and spiritual well-being of each person, encouraging each to live a life of fulfillment.
      • Grant to the Center for Hope and Healing, Cary NC for those in need, August 2012.
      • Grant to the Center for Hope and Healing for those in need, September 2013.


    • Contributing to the Stone House Scholarship Fund for those for financially needy attending the Days of Practice, Soul Sanctuary, the five-day residential retreat program, and other Stone House programs offered on a sliding scale to attendees in need. stone circles, a nonprofit organization located in Orange County, North Carolina. Our mission is to strengthen the work for justice through strategic action, spiritual life, and a sustainable relationship between land and communities. We are a small organization working to bring big changes to the world. We provide workshops and trainings to individuals and organizations doing social justice work that deepen their capacity to realize the change they seek in the world. Our goal is to transform individuals and their organizations so they can better sustain their efforts and work with greater effectiveness across racial, class, and cultural differences.


    • Establishing a special fund for Elders in Need through the Holly Springs United Methodist Church Senior Ministry.
      • Donation to Resources for Seniors for elders in need, April 2014.


    • Funding scholarships for participants in need for the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training through the Department of Duke Integrative Medicine at Duke Medical Center.
      • Sponsor two scholarships to Duke Integrative Medicine for attendees in need at a Self Compassion Retreat, January 2013.


    • Contributing to the YMCA WeBuildPeople Campaign that provides life-changing experiences and makes our whole community stronger through YMCA tutoring, mentoring, camping, aquatics, sports, wellness and many other vital programs and services, assuring that no one is turned away due to lack of funds. 100% of the money raised goes directly to programs and services for children, teens, adults and families in need.


    • Helping fund the Durgapur Mission Trip through Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, NC to teach Hands on Healing Prayer to congregations in India.


    • Contributing to the Gynecologic Cancer Research Foundation- No Evidence of Disease Fund to educate and inform the public about gynecologic cancer through music and performance. and


    • Establishing a program that exchanges Frequent Flyer Miles for tax-deductible donations to the Hope James Foundation.Establishing a program that exchanges Frequent Flyer Miles for tax-deductible donations to the Hope James Foundation.


    • Healing Arts Initiative Grant to sponsor scholarships for a Writing to Heal Workshop facilitated by Janet Kangas, March 2012.


    • Healing Arts Initiative Grant to sponsor scholarships for a Mindful Self Care Workshop Scholarship facilitated by Jane Broden, April, 2012.


    • Scholarships and donations to Americans for International Aid and Assistance to support orphans in Nepal, July 2012.


    • Donation to the NC Lymphoma and Leukemia Society to support aid to patients and survivors, February 2013.
      • Donation to the NC Lymphoma and Leukemia Society to support aid to patients and survivors, March 2013.


    • Donation to El Futuro for mental health services for those in need, April 2014.Donation to El Futuro for mental health services for those in need, April 2014.


    • Donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease research, August 2014.


    • Grant to North Carolina Central University for master’s thesis research on Resiliency for Victims of Domestic Abuse.  Awarded to Rita Schabel, MS, October 2014.


    • Grant awarded to Holly Springs Arts Council for Healing Arts Initiative to support the Arts for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers.
    • Scholarship awarded to participant to attend the Marianne Williamson training on “Tears to Triumph: Overcoming Trauma”.  August 2017
    • Grant awarded to YWCA of Bangalore City, India to fund the Childrens Child Care Centers Meal Program. August 2017
    • Grant awarded to UNC Ph.D. candidate, Karen Sheffield, Ph.D. for dissertation, “perspectives of stress, psychological distress and self-care among pregnant African American women: An exploration of intersectional and integrative factors to help women and their healthcare providers understand and reduce stress-related risk for adverse birth outcomes.”



The Rao Chigurupati Memorial Fund

This fund is created by Lavanya Chigurupati, daughter of Mr Rao Chigurupati, in loving memory and honor of her dear father’s deep love for children, and his numerous efforts on their behalf. The fund, directed through the Hope James Foundation, specifically provides support to children in need.

Mr. Chigurupati was a man who was deeply loved and respected by those who knew him. He was treasured as a man with a loving heart, who was fun to be with, had a great number of friends, was deeply committed to justice and right action, and whose temper could be ignited by unfairness and wrongdoing. His responses to injustice were characterized by deep kindness, integrity, and compassionate action.

Mr. Chigurupati was especially fond of children. He dedicated himself to making one school in his village the best in the area. The school became noted for the excellent environment it provided for children from five local villages, for the high quality education children needed, the promotion of their personal development, and, the provision of these services without cost to families. He committed his energies to work closely with the teachers to support their efforts with students and families as well. These children came to lead successful, happy lives over many years.

In addition to his efforts promoting education and personal development for children and families, Mr. Chigurupati was active helping those in need access medical services and promote their health and well being. He was so concerned about the welfare of others that he would take adults and children to neighboring states, if necessary, for the best and most appropriate medical treatment. Mr. Chigurupati would wait with them and advocate on their behalf, taking them home and would later follow up with them to ensure that the treatment was effective. He navigated the complex government’s public health system with determination and persistence to secure funds for treatment of their health problems. Perhaps having polio himself heightened Mr. Chigurupati’s deep understanding, compassion and advocacy on behalf of those in need of medical care.

Beyond this, Mr. Chigurupati also helped individuals obtain justice and helped people at the community level as well. He advocated for individuals within the civil court systems, securing lawyers and monitoring each person’s progress, and organized his neighbors to have the government pave a village street. These volunteer efforts were responsible for transforming the dirt road into a safer and more sanitary means of travel.

Mr. Chigurupati died as he had lived. He lived with a generous heart, thrifty nature, and a sincere, unending commitment to others, assisting any and all who needed his help. A tragic accident occurred while he was helping an individual in need. This brought an end to Mr. Chigurupati’s life — a man who, day-to-day, gave the very best of himself for the benefit of others. We remember him dearly, and honor his memory with continuing service to others, as he did in his life.


New and Upcoming Initiatives