Featured: Artist, Tripp Jarvis

Tripp was born in Raleigh, NC and grew up in Holly Springs, NC. He earned his BFA from East Carolina University and went on to live in Eastern Europe where he attended the Estonian Academy of Art for two years. There, he was an active artist participating in many international exhibitions and symposia. Upon returning to the States he earned his MFA from ECU and went on to teach at Craven Community College in New Bern, NC. He resides in Holly Springs. He is father to Lyza and Andreas Jarvis.

“My work centers on the physical and spiritual worlds. I believe the heart is at the center of these two worlds. For me the physical world of matter is the foundation and vessel for a spiritual existence. Without the physical the spiritual couldn’t manifest itself, and the spiritual gives life to the physical. I see my sculptures as ‘Temple Heart Vessels.’ They speak about the sacredness of the world, the temple, which I feel is the meeting place of humanity and the divine, and is the vessel of the Great Spirit. It is my belief that the Heart is the greatest temple to be found. At its center is the sacred ground that unifies humanity as a whole. It is my hope that my sculptures awaken the heart to the ever-unfolding blossom of the divinity residing in us all, which together we make up the garden of life.”

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